Wen OG sir? 4000 more to go for GRAPE

by our awesome designer “Ben”

OG role is a way of life

Original Gangster. Old school. Doing things the way they were in the old days. Remember when Bitcointalk was the only way you could get an airdrop? It wasn’t meant for ease of use; it was meant for exclusivity. The reputation system, the ranking, the ip blacklisting that needed you to send BTC to prove you weren’t “evil”. You had to be involved and you had to care.

Fast forward and today we see projects oversubscribed by 500x and millions of whitelist applications completed in a matter of days. It is easier than ever to get a crowd.

Why a Role instead of a Form?

I wouldn’t fill one out for an airdrop myself so I’m definitely not going to ask someone else to do that. Because forms are sketchy A.F. Because anyone can fill one out. Gaming them is a piece of cake. There is no reason someone needs your email address, twitter, and blood type to do an airdrop. A Solana address is all you need.

Cyrii and the COPE team have already proved that the Discord role process works, and we agree.

10 days after launching our Discord server and we have 21,000 members.

We announced that anyone with the OG role would be guaranteed an airdrop. We aren’t asking for forms or whitelists or lame marketing ploys. We’re looking for passion.

There are currently 506 OGs.

What does the OG role actually mean for the project?

There are currently 506 OGs. We plan on giving out a total of 5000

About 30% of the OGs came from the V2D2 community that developed over the last 6 months. It’s a community of traders and fans of the Whale’s friend Twitch stream.

We then started giving OG roles to people watching the stream. Then we made it even harder and quizzed people on the information in the stream. Then we had a poker tournament (and plan to have many many more).

Then we made it even HARDER and asked people to go through the Bonfida name service for Twitter. More and more filtering brings more and more passion. Everyone of these people is holding Solana in a wallet, knows their address, and most of them even had to send me their transaction id. Ill choose this crowd over the form fillers every time.

It’s our way of filtering out the people that most likely are not in it for the community. We want people who enjoy being part of a community and login to Discord on a daily basis out of enjoyment. There are many professional airdrop hunters that look at is as a business, registering 20 accounts to abuse the airdrop distribution process. The entire ecosystem gets better when we decrease their ability to do this.

How you can get OG?

  • Content Creators — do you have a blog about Muscle Cars? How about a Twitch stream playing Hearthstone? If you are making ANY kind of content consistently we want you in our community. The criteria wont be shared, but we will be looking at the actual channels you share with us. Feel free to tag me on Twitter if you are sharing links to Medium, Substack, Twitch, Youtube , or a popular publication. Add your Discord ID too
  • Videographers — we have a lot of video content, and we plan to have much more. For this OG application, you’ll need to submit a short clip (~30–60 seconds) using material from the Whale’s friend Youtube. Our 10 favorite submissions will receive OG. Post your submissions adding “Great Ape Tryouts” to the title on Youtube and share the link on Twitter
  • Random acts of OGness — if you are already on the Discord server, you know how much we love to look at the Jungle chat and find awesome people. You might not be able to count on this, but if you stick to it, there is a high likelihood someone will see it. Be polite, be helpful, be original.
  • Treasure Hunt — hidden throughout the Inter-webs we’ve placed 100+ ways to get OG. Some of them have been found. Most of them never will.
  • Airdrop to token holders — This is going to remain a mystery for now, but there are a few SPL tokens we are targeting for our airdrop. Play it safe and hold some of everything in the Solana ecosystem

Hey, this Discord sounds fun!

Before you click on the Discord link, I want you to know that you won’t be able to do much, which is by design. You’ll first read the rules and do the right thing, but then you’ll find that you can see many channels, but are not allowed to chatthere. This is our moat, our gladiators arena, our jungle. Don’t be discouraged, plenty of people have made it out alive. But if you are going there to talk to us, it will be a long time. Leave a comment here or on Twitter if you want to be in touch, but please don’t ask wen “OG”



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