The Grape Feedback/Feature Contest

Earn $GRAPE for helping build better tooling across Solana

3 min readMar 6, 2022

Launching this new contest type will help align our goals as a community with the way we distribute Grape. By encouraging feedback across the tools that we use as a community, we will be able to reward the most engaged members with a stronger voice in our community’s governance.

Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges live on Discord and the winners will receive 5,000 $GRAPE.

Choose any of the projects below, provide your awesome and detailed feedback and become eligible for the Grape Feedback/Feature contest!




Strata Protocol


How to submit your feedback for the contest

Feedback is submitted on the Grape Discord here in the “feedback-feature” channel. You can also link directly to Github or Discourse Entries.

The better articulated/descriptive submissions will have a priority for consideration.

For feedback:

Project Name, URL, Description of the issue and supporting content


Project Name: Grape


Issue: The Twitter registration process does not prompt Ledger users with the same signing process that is displayed when registering on Grape verification

Supporting Content: This is the message missing in the Twitter name service registration during Ledger sign up. I believe that means the Grape Ledger process has not been enabled for this

For feature requests:

Project Name, URL, Description of the feature request and supporting content


Project Name: Strata Protocol


Feature Request: As subDAO tokens on Strata continue to grow in number and usage, it will become increasingly harder to keep track of all the links and all of the coins available for different collective.

This request is for a dropdown on the swaps that populates with all tokens available for a collective (in this instance Grape). Another option would be a central page that displays all of the tokens of that collective, along with holder count, royalties and their associated addresses, and total Grape backing each token.

Supporting Content: These are 3 links to Grape-backed tokens

Every week on Wednesday at 18:00 UTC on the Grape Discord Stage, judges will discuss and rate the submissions. At the end of each public discussion, 2 people will be chosen as winners for that week’s rotation of feedback and features.

At the end of the month, any feedback/feature requests that turn into grants or are implemented will be rewarded with additional $GRAPE (TBD)

About Grape Network

Grape Network is a toolset for building token-based communities on Solana. The network’s tools help DAOs and decentralized communities coordinate members, communication, and incentives more effectively. Grape Networks’ community, The Grape (“Great Ape”) Community, is a token-based membership community focused on accelerating the growth and adoption of Solana.




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