Star Atlas Story Writing Competition

3 min readSep 9, 2021


written by Funcracker

We invite you to participate in the Star Atlas “Rebirth” Story Writing Competition!

Together with Aephia Industries, Grape is organizing a short story-writing competition set within the Star Atlas metaverse. Now that the Star Atlas’ Rebirth event has concluded and the project is entering a new phase with the GAO and soon the launch of the mini-game, we wanted to take you back to the lore-heavy meta-poster campaign!

The White Paper that was originally presented by the team contained a brief overview of the factions, but it was the Rebirth campaign that provided us with a closer look at the lore that would form the foundation for today’s strive and conflict in the game. Now that the stream of information has stopped (temporarily we hope!), it is up to the Star Atlas community to deepen the lore from that campaign with your own stories!

In this competition, we ask you to create a short story that directly relates to (one of) the events mentioned in the Rebirth poster’s description.

Read on below for the full lowdown!


In order to be eligible to join this competition you will need:
- 1 meta-poster from the Rebirth campaign, or the Armstrong Forever poster, or the Grape Desert Ape in your wallet
- Verified Star Atlas Holder wallet in the Grape Discord

If you do not own a poster yet, you can trade for one at the Galactic Marketplace

Head to the Grape Discord server and follow the following steps:

- Verify your Solana wallet
- Click the wallet and Star Atlas emojis
- Post your submission in the #atlassian-writing-contest channel

To level the playing field and make sure people do not present us with entire books to read (please contact the team and publish those though!), we apply the following rules:

- Your story’s length should be between 724–2021 words.

- Your story should somehow relate to the lore in one (or multiple) of the Rebirth meta-posters

- You will need to submit your story in the #atlassian-writing-contest channel

- The deadline for this submission is September 23rd 00:00 UTC

Note: To see all Rebirth-related lore at a glance, please check out the associated page on the community wiki.


1st place:
- 100,000 Grape
- 1 x Pearce X5

- 50,000 Grape
- 1 x Pearce X4

- 10,000 Grape
- 1 x Pearce X4

The bag of Grape will be kindly donated by Grape, and the spaceships are courtesy of Aephia Industries. These ships will be the first ones delivered under the AEP banner.

Choosing the Winner

Everyone in the community can participate by upvoting their favorite stories until September 24th, 2 days after the end of the submission period.

The top 10 stories (most thumbs-up) will be judged by none other than Santi (Star Atlas’ Community Coordinator), Star Savage (Star Atlas’ Head of Communications) and Pablo Quiroga (Star Atlas co-founder and CRO)! Together they will pick the final winner and the two runner-ups.

We claim no ownership of your work, it remains yours to do with as you like!

This is an exciting time for the metaverse; together we are writing the story of Star Atlas!




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