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7 min readAug 22, 2021

UPDATE: The newest and most uptodate membership details can be found in GRAPE’s documentation that you can find here:

As of December 1st 2021 — the membership benefits were:


The $GRAPE token launch is coming up soon (we won’t be giving an exact date), and it is time to share more details around our community membership model. Even though $GRAPE will be used for payments related to the GRAPE protocol toolset for tokenised communities, $GRAPE will also be used for membership in the GRAPE community.

GRAPE Community Focus: SOLANA

The GRAPE community is a group of talented Solana supporters that are focused on:

  • Bringing more people into the Solana Ecosystem
  • Supporting the growth and adoption of Solana projects
  • Providing educational materials related to building, using, and investing on Solana

Our goal is to attract 3 kinds of users: Solana supporters, Non-crypto gamers, and Crypto users and builders not yet in Solana

Solana Supporters will join GRAPE for 2 reasons. First, our Solana center of excellence; a central location for all information, including announcement dates, research, defi strategies and support across all projects. Second, our GRAPE workplace for freelancers; Solana superfans that want to convert their passion into action can earn tokens and perks with their favourite Solana projects while building with fellow Solana supporters.

Crypto users and builders will have an inviting community with multiple resources to make onboarding into Solana smoother than ever. By providing timely support for new users and offering builders a “ready to try” audience, GRAPE can help attract developers and users into the Solana ecosystem.

Non-crypto gamers will be attracted by our high-reward gaming competitions. With just the installation of a Solana wallet (Sollet, Phantom, Solflare), these users will have access to events that payout prizes in SPL tokens. It is our belief that this is a lower barrier to entry than acquiring new users on a centralised exchange and can serve as an easier first touchpoint for new users into crypto

$GRAPE Membership Tiers:

The GRAPE memberships were created to support our focus on Solana.

Below we describe the holding requirements and benefits for our membership tiers:

New Users: primarily Non-Crypto Gamers. The requirement is an SPL wallet and this offers entry into the big reward events and competitions

Class C (1000 $GRAPE): the basic membership tier for entry into the chat rooms. These users can participate in most events, can see most content, and receive a monthly emission of $GRAPE

Class B(5000 $GRAPE): the “skill role” membership tier is aimed at the talented contributors looking to connect and work closely with Solana projects. Paid projects on GRAPE are only available to users at this level and above. These users also enjoy all Class C benefits and higher monthly emissions.

Class A(20,000 $GRAPE): the “DAO” membership tier is our top level of involvement in GRAPE. After meeting the minimum holding requirement, all Class A members are selected through an approval process involving DAO members. DAO members participate in voting on critical decisions for the community, enjoy all benefits of Class B, and receive the highest monthly emission.


Skill Roles and Rewards

At the heart of our community are the emissions that support and incentivise contribution. If we are going to help accelerate the growth and adoption of Solana, we need the best and brightest working together, receiving the highest possible compensation.

Examples of work include:

  • Tutorials on using Solana project platforms
  • Development Grants for community priorities
  • Solana-only content like Defi Strategies and Project Calendar
  • Dedicated Ambassadors for issue resolution
  • Marketing support through AMAs, design, videos, and articles
  • Competitive game events exclusive to SPL Wallet holders

The “Skill Role” Teams

Researchers/Writers: focused on providing in-depth analysis of existing projects and bringing attention to the brightest areas in Solana.

Designers/Videographers: the workhorse team for all the marketing and tutorial content needed for promoting Solana projects.

Project Ambassadors: bringing all of the separate teams together, this role is assigned to people who have organically become involved in multiple Solana projects and are extremely familiar with most popular platforms.

Event Organisers/Moderators: the lifeblood of every community, this team helps provide friendly and timely support across the Solana ecosystem, shares top level announcements, and creates engaging events to further the adoption of Solana.

Developers: none of this is possible without the builders. This role is for freelance developers looking to contribute to the Solana ecosystem and take their first steps towards joining a project full-time.

Translators: help bring our message and content to a global audience.

To qualify for the above roles, members must be holding the minimum of 5000 $GRAPE for Class B membership. The moment a member’s balance falls below this threshold, they will lose the skill role.

Getting a Skill Role

Once a member is holding 5000 $GRAPE, they will have access to the skill role channels where teams are working together on various community initiatives. New Class B members are encouraged to jump into any work in progress or contact the skill role team member for the skill they are most interested in.

Each skill role team has a leader voted by the DAO. This will be someone that has a high availability and proven high output of work. Voting frequency is currently undetermined and ideally will not happen very often.

Every month, each skill role team will decide who continues to hold the skill role based on contribution. This “self-policing” process works like this— The “Designer” skill role team for example has 15 people and 10 of them are doing design work. The team would vote out the 5 inactive designers. Proof of use of work will be important to handle this process later as the community grows and figuring out a way to do this on-chain is important. Additionally, there are plans to support a scholarship process where people displaying talent can be added to the skill role team with a donation of $GRAPE from the community emissions.

The Reward Process

It is our goal to be as meritocratic as possible when it comes to distributing the community emissions and the DAO will assign how much $GRAPE goes to which skill role on a monthly basis.

Example (this is purely for demonstrating the process. The below numbers are not indicative of any decisions for each skill role compensation pool)

Example: Total Skill Role Emissions for January: 5,000,000 $GRAPE


The Developer skill role pool has 600,000 $GRAPE so the 5 developers would be receiving 125,000 each for the month, while the researchers would be splitting 1,000,000 $GRAPE amongst the 17 people who did research in January.

These amounts will be decided monthly by the DAO and will heavily influence the direction and focus of the entire community. In the example above, developers are only receiving 600,000 $GRAPE — the focus that month is more on community growth and less on development.


Our most important role will be the only one that requires an approval process. Voting will be based on a combination of $GRAPE holdings and skill roles. This will ensure that people who are involved have skin in the game; both in financial value and in time spent.

Voting power will be used to create proposals and vote on proposals. In the first year, the GRAPE team will create the majority of the proposals. Over the next 5 years, the GRAPE team will have a decreasing amount of voting power, eventually joining the community in equal voting control.

The Values of the GRAPE community

Transparency: a decentralised community must make all actions available for scrutiny and discussion. We will strive to make every single decision public and build an organisation that ensures this.

Fairness: meritocratic groups are only possible when everyone has an equal chance to participate and be acknowledged.

Excellence: our goal is to attract the best and brightest talent in crypto communities by having the best rewards for hard work

What comes next and how you can join today

If you are reading this and are not in the GRAPE discord server, that is the first step! Make sure to then go through the verification process, introduce yourself in the “introduce yourself” channel, and join some of the Solana project gates like FTR, PORT, COPE, etc..

We’ve added 2 new channels to make it easier to get OG and earn a skill role until our token launch.

  • Ways-to-get-OG channel
  • Work-Request channel

The first epoch for the GRAPE community will payout 10,000,000 in community emissions. This will be our token launch and it will also coincide with any other token release (ie Serum Dex and Liquidity Pool).

During this time we will be selecting the starting DAO, formulating the approval processes for DAO members and skill roles, and working on our next community tutorials, videos, and articles for Solana.

Our OGs and Skill Role members are contributing to the DNA of GRAPE at the foundational level. There is still time for you to come join us in this revolutionary vision of tokenised communities and meritocratic systems!




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