Marlin in Moscow, Mumbai, Shanghai!

Since launching at the Genesis C.A.T. Meetup, held in Moscow, Russia, on November 6, 2018, we’ve been nonstop working on building and spreading the word!

In Moscow, Pratyaksh Sharma, our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) wowed the audience with our mission to change the decentralized world from the most fundemental level — Layer 0. His presentation, along with great projects like Blockcloud, MultiVAC, Dexon, and the CAN foundation, impressed everyone and led to a whole flurry of parnterships we can’t wait to share with you. If that wasn’t enough, ICOdrops also interviewed Praty and we expect to release the full interview with everyone really soon.

In Mumbai, Our CBO Nilotpal spoke on “The Journey of Scalability” on at Blockchain Summit India, along with industry leaders from Accenture, Deloitte and Blockchain Leads at Tech Mahindra and Infosys. This was a very successful display of Marlin’s technical strength, as multiple projects have continued to request Nilotpal’s presence at speaking events in the area. He’ll be a featured speaker at the next Blockchain Summit India on December 2nd at the Marriott Bangalore. Be sure to check it out!

In Shanghai, CMO Dean Pappas was a panelist at the CryptoMondays event on how blockchain will impact society. The event is a staple of the Shanghai Blockchain community and Dean spoke on how Marlin is working at building the foundation that will support the future of blockchain dapps.

Fellow speaker Jason Law from Evernym saw the value of building in privacy at the network layer and lets just say there is more to come with Marlin and the identity blockchain space!

Marlin is a high availability and reliability network made possible with the creation of its versatile bandwidth sharing marketplace, built by its users, enabling blockchains to achieve 500x higher throughput and sub 100ms latency while maintaining provable anonymity.




Dean Pappas | Building Grape on Solana | Ex Marlin, Ethereum Classic, Zel, Taucoin | Ex GM at Zeta Global | Hearthstone and MTG