Greece can lead in Digital Governance Innovation by choosing Solana

The power of assembly through web3

Greece, meet Solana

  1. Rust offers excellent documentation.
  2. It comes with a highly user-friendly compiler with top-notch tools such as integrated package managers and multi-editor.
  3. Rust can efficiently resolve memory errors and concurrent programs that languages like C and C++ cannot.
  4. It is super fast and is safe by default.
A few of Solana’s DAOs built on Realms
Mango Vote for Funding AthensDAO

Solana, Meet Greece

  • Discussions on the state of Governance, Defi, and NFT DAOs
  • Presentations from all of the major DAO tooling platforms
  • Hackerhouse style work on development grants
  • Roundtables focused on key Solana Governance initiatives
  • Livestreams of the event and media interviews

More details about AthensDAO

*Schedule is not Final



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